“The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Matthew 4:16

40 Thousand Lights

“We will be healed”. Its a phrase we hear over and over again.  From mothers weeping for their children.  From fathers who did their best to save loved ones.  From families who have lost everything. It’s a phrase that has resounded with over 4o thousand people since Tutapona has begun. 

“We will be healed”. It’s the meaning of the word Tutapona in the Swahili language, and for us it’s a proclamation of hope in the darkness of this world.  It’s a light shining, and it’s only getting brighter. It’s a light that is taken from a community gathering into a mud brick home. It’s a light that ignites under the shade of a tree that lights up a future. It’s a light that releases freedom and promise and joy. It is the light of the healed. 40 thousand lights. 

The last ten years

Over the past decade, Tutapona has been providing trauma rehabilitation support to those fleeing war, making new lives in refugee camps and building the foundation for a peaceful future for themselves and their families – we have seen more than 40 thousand people graduate from our programs. 

Thats 40 thousand lights that have gone back into their communities, shining brightly.  People are being healed from the depths of their despair, and that is something worth celebrating!



We share their stories to bring hope to those still held in the darkness.

They share their stories to show the darkness has been overcome.

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