"My son was dead, I wanted the other family to lose someone too."

When I went to Tutapona for the first time, I had problems. I came here with my 5 children from South Sudan, and I had to leave my husband behind.

I heard last April that he had died; he had been killed by an opposing tribe.  They cut off his head and left him there like that.

Then, in November, my son was killed at school. He fought with a boy from another tribe, and he died.  How could I sleep? 

I often wondered if it would be better if I had stayed in South Sudan.  Would these bad things have happened if I hadn’t fled? It was too painful.

After my son died, all I wanted was for the one who killed him to remain in prison for ever and ever. My boy was gone, and I wanted the other family to lose someone too. 

When my relatives heard the news, they torched the houses of the tribe who had killed him.  But I remembered what I learned from Tutapona – that revenge would only hurt more, so I asked my father to call the two tribes together.  This type of fighting couldnt go on – no more violence.

EMPOWER helped me because before, I could never forget what happened. But now I can let go, I can forgive that person. Now, if you insult me, I know that I dont need to answer to that.

My life has changed a lot. Now I’m a council-woman and I’ve started a peacemaker group.

If people are arguing or fighting, we will sit together, talk about it and tell stories.  We pray together; no more violence.  We can be in peace only when we come together.


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Because of the generosity of others, Agnes is now a light in her family and her community. BUT there are thousands of people just like Agnes with stories that are yet to end with hope.

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