"Even though the situation is still difficult we live happily, we sleep happily, we do everything happily - it prepares for us a way"

“When the war broke out I saw that many people were leaving, everyone feared for their lives. Many people were leaving, so we also decided to come to Uganda to be safe. 

We lost everything when we left. All the things we owned, everything in our house disappeared because of the fighting, even our clothes. We only had what we were wearing.

It was four days of walking. We would walk, and then hide if we saw people coming because there were many people on the roads who were looking to kill us. At night we would hide in the bush, or on the riverside and then we would walk in the day. 

When we came to the border we were taken to a reception centre and eventually we were taken to our plot of land. It was just bush. There were so many difficulties. Life was very different from what we had before.

I didn’t know how to do things with my hands. I had to build my own house, but I had never even made a brick before.

I was so stressed that I could not sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t sleep again. In the daytime, I would feel very tired and get headaches. I was sick and weak. I even lost my appetite.

One day I saw the Tutapona vehicle nearby, so I went along to the program. I learned about the process we are in, that we can rise above our difficulties and come out of them.

I learned that we should forgive. In these camps many people fight. In South Sudan we felt ok, but here, there are so many misunderstandings, not just in the home but also with neighbours. So when Tutapona came, their teaching helped us – that’s why these days you don’t hear many people arguing. Now there is peace.

I have learned to forgive. I don’t quarrel with my wife. She is making food while I work in the store, we do things together. Sleep is much better. The stress I was carrying is gone.

I have built my own house and I have a shop. When the baby came we knew we needed certain things, like clothes and medicine. I know my life will continue to change. When you have overwhelming stress it is hard to change, especially if it is constant. But now, since we aren’t focused on those things we live happier.  Even though the situation is still difficult we live happily, we sleep happily, we do everything happily – it prepares for us a way.


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Because of the generosity of others, Geoffrey is now a light in his family and his community. BUT there are thousands of people just like Geoffrey with stories that are yet to end with hope. Help Tutapona bring hope & healing by donating to the #40ThousandLights campaign & help us bring light to 40 Thousand more lives, homes & communities.
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