"Tutapona taught me that life doesn't stop when you get a problem"

“My name is Isaiah* and I’m 13 years old. I came to Uganda from Congo when I was 6. We left everything there, and when we arrived here, it was just bush.


One day when I was at school the teacher took me into his home. He threatened me with a knife, and then abused me in very bad ways. When he finished I ran back home, but all the children knew about it.

They refused to let me be their friend, or let me walk near them. Even now, they still talk about it.


I couldn’t return to school after that.



[One year later] Tutapona came and taught us. They told us that even though we have experienced problems, we should not get discouraged.

The program changed me, they helped me realize that school could change my future. They told me that I should not stop going to school because of bad friends.

The thing which has given me relief in my heart, they told me that it doesn’t mean when you get a problem that life stops from there. That statement touched my heart.

I know I am going to finish school, I want to become a footballer.

There are other children who have had things happen to them. Some ran very far and will stay there until this story will be over in the community.  I think they would learn a lot from a program like I did.


*Name has been changed to protect the individual.and his family

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Because of the generosity of others, Isaiah is now a light in his family and his community. BUT there are thousands of children just like Isaiah with stories that are yet to end with hope. Help Tutapona bring hope & healing by donating to the #40ThousandLights campaign & help us bring light to 40 Thousand more lives, homes & communities.
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