"I was again attacked, raped, and fell pregnant."


I was taken as a slave by the rebels in Congo. They raped me and I and fell pregnant. I managed to escape once the baby was born so I could live in peace, but they found me and I was attacked, raped, and fell pregnant again.


After some time I escaped again and I found a husband who would take care of me and my children. But when I thought I was safe, the rebels found me again, they killed my husband and took my oldest daughter as a debt payment.

In Congo, there is no peace because you find people that come and kill the children and rape the women. How can we live?


“They took my oldest daughter as a debt payment.”

After I reached Uganda, the problems continued.  In the night someone came to my door to tell me I had to move, but when I opened it, I was raped and fell pregnant again.


He was a powerful man here and I was threatened against his authority. The police wouldn’t help me.  Some people I know advised me to go to Tutapona because they could help.


Tutapona is my family.  My new son, born from the last attack, is named “Tutapona” because I know that now, my family has hope and we will be healed. 

 Tutapona helped me to work, they helped me to find a place where my children and I could sleep safely, because I was not getting any sleep. They also helped me to get soap to wash the clothes of my children. 

They helped me to find stability and safety in the settlement. Tutapona advocated for my family’s safety and they helped me move away from the man who harmed me. They help me find relief from my stress and trauma, so I can work through it.


Support Tutapona

Because of the generosity of others, Nahema is now a light in her family and her community. BUT there are thousands of people just like Nahema with stories that are yet to end with hope.

Help Tutapona bring hope & healing by donating to the #40ThousandLights campaign & help us bring light to 40 Thousand more lives, homes & communities.

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