"We were sold to ISIS men"

Our life in Sinjar was so good; my husband was working as a policeman and he adored our children.

The day ISIS came, they separated the men from the women. They took 25 of my relatives and until now I still have not seen any of them. We were sold to ISIS men; they took daughters from their mothers, and we were all terrified.

I was sold to one man for 6 months, then on to another.  He often forced himself on me, he bit me and threw me down the stairs. He would take my children from me because I did not listen; I would always do the opposite of what he asked. 

“They took daughters from their mothers, and we were all terrified.”

My little boy found pills from the man on the ground.  He swallowed them and now he has some mental disabilities.  Ive tried to kill myself many times but it has never worked; God didnt want that.

One day we were traveling past Sinjar, I begged the man to go back to my old house. I found my husbands shirt, his cologne and some of our family photos in the rubble. I sometimes cry into his shirt when I feel angry or sad. I miss him so much.



I was able to escape while the man was at work and a smuggler helped me carry my kids to safety. When we arrived to the camp very early in the morning, people were waiting for us. They cried and laughed and talked with me.


I had been in captivity for 2 years and 6 months.

 Tutapona helped us. We will be always thankful for them. 

 They taught us that we have hope, and a God, and that He can give us a future. The Tutapona team visits us and prays with us.

 These days I am feeling better, eating well and not having nightmares.


I believe we will be healed. We will be better.





*Name & images have been changed to protect the individual & her family

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Because of the generosity of others, Shana is now a light in her family and her community. BUT there are thousands of people just like Shana with stories that are yet to end with hope.

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